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The Bo Jackson songs of ‘Mark and Brian’

Ah, now we know why Bo Jackson didn’t like Mark and Brian

Yep,  it’s probably safe to say that, regardless their intentions, sponsors would be racing from the you-know-you-lived-in-Birmingham-in-the-80s “soft shock jocks” legends faster than Bo down a sideline were something like 1984’s “My Bo” to come out today. Because it was raising eyebrows nearly 30 years ago.

“Some say (Mark) Thompson and (Brian) Phelphs ignore good taste too often, taking cheap shots and unmercifully slicing people to ribbons,” wrote the Birmingham News in 1986. “These sentiments are especially evident when talk turns to the pair’s famous (or infamous) songs, ‘My Bo,’ ‘Mountain Brook Girls’ and ‘Huff the Anchorwman.’ ‘My Bo,’ a song about Heisman Trophy winner Bo Jackson, took some flak for being racist.”

“We are paid to view things and make fun of things,” Phelps said. “The songs are just a catalyst for doing that.”

Bye, Bye, Bo: @AU_History

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