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  1. I am swollen with pride, and you got my tears to flowing with this. Wonderfully done.

  2. This is the best piece of writing you’ve ever put together Justin. Well done and War Eagle!

  3. Justin Lee’s vision of the Auburn Family and it Spirit captures the long moment that was Saturday. But there is more. On Sunday morning Auburn people began to gather and mingle at The Corner. Cars moved slowly past the intersection, coming from all four directions. At times the traffic lines backed up over a block in all directions. The continued all day. Hundreds, perhaps a thousand or more were always there throughout the day and provided a great greeting to the Auburn Equestrian team when it arrived after winning the National Equestrian Championship the day before. The all-day Sunday gathering spoke even greater volumes regarding the Auburn Family because it wasn’t about football or even sports. It was a statement by all of the value of the education attained from the University, the value of the friendships among the Family, and the commitment of all to the true spirit of the Auburn Creed among all who consider themselves members of the Auburn Family. WAR EAGLE is not a football cheer, it is a Family Greeting and the Family remains strong and grows stronger daily, regardless of the outcome of a sporting event.

  4. I think this is one of the best articles you’ve ever written. Auburn has some of the most passionate fans in football and you showed that clearly through this. War Eagle!

  5. I’m an Alabama fan, but I was so sad to hear about the trees. It’s just senseless, wanton destruction. When the Nashville tornado hit out near The Hermitage several years ago, it knocked down many very old trees. The Hermitage Foundation used the wood to make beautiful writing pens and sold them in the gift shop. Perhaps the wood from the Toomer’s oaks could be used in a similar fashion, and the funds used for a scholarship, or to help with the upkeep of the corner. That way, the Auburn family could keep the memories of the oaks alive, and perhaps, help plant new ones.
    Hope Gus leads the Tigers to a good season this year. Roll Tide Roll, and War Eagle!

  6. I was fortunate enough to share this wonderful event with my Daughter and it was every thing you just described… and more. I’ve never been more proud to be part of the Auburn family than in this past year or so, and to see my 13 yr old daughter find her love of ALL things Auburn even in these darker times. It IS a new day at Auburn. War Eagle!

  7. Well said. As you so aptly put it, this is the end of a chapter – not the book. The ultimate irony is that in attempting to destroy the tradition, Updyke succeeded only in making it stronger and more special than ever. War Damn Eagle.

  8. Wow what a weekend! Kidd Blue was honored to be chosen for the celebration. I hope we provided what was needed. The band is an Auburn original, getting our start right there on Toomer’s Corner in 1985 (as the house band at Denaro’s). We saw a lot of old friends and truly enjoyed helping the faithful celebrate. It was the show of a lifetime!

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