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  1. I think a lot of her story ends up being simple ignorance of the steps the school took on the spice issue. Soon-to-be convicted felons and their parents aren’t really going to give a fair picture of whether the school acted responsibly. And since her contact letter omitted any references to drugs, racism, or extra benefits, she practically made sure Auburn wasn’t going to give her its side of the story. I have to think she’d do things differently if she could – but of course that might have resulted in a less scandalous story, so maybe not.

  2. It is a sad situation. Her career is not turning out the way she thought it would. Fired (I believe) from both Sports Illustrated and NY Times. Career embarrassment with the Duke Lacrosse story. She was desperate and so sometimes you kill what you love. I don’t know that she loved AU, but it was convenient and piling on is alway easier than the first guy making the hit.

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