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  1. Could someone tell me what is going on with the renaming of landmarks at Auburn. The words tradition and legacy must not be understood. The quickest wway to loose an identity is to change a name.
    I recently saw Toomer’s Corner referred to as Toomey’s corner on TWER..and the Toomer Oaks are now being referred to as the The Auburn Oaks. Being that loose with the proper names lessen’s the ability for past student’s of Auburn to keep current…
    But then again this is a University that has little understanding or thought when it assigns names…Plainsmen, War Eagles, Tigers?
    Who decides…I know who tried and took the Auburn War Eagles and turned them into one of the most common and meaningless school mascots in the NCAA, the Tigers. I think it was Coach Dye. He was asked about it and claimed that “War Eagle” was our cheer, and we were the Tigers…and like little tiger-striped lemmings Auburn Fatihful followed him into the sea.
    Roll tide isn’t a “cheer.” They are the Alabama Crimson Tide. Not the goofy elephant furby.
    You know what a the Alabama faitful call themselves. THE TIDE. nuf said.
    But Auburn had an identity …once…. they were the Plainsmen. Not dynamic enough for you? OK. Then War Eagles. It fit. We were once the War Eagles. THE War Eagles not one of many. Then somehow someone decided to draw our programs with a tiger because a cartoon eagle is too tough to do.
    and they named him a cute, “Aubie.” But we WERE War Eagles..THE War Eagles. We did not have to say “No we are not the Louisiana State University” the other SEC tigers. No we are not the Missouri tigers… or one of umpteen different NCAA Tigers. You only had to say it, “I am a WAR EAGLE.” it was a powerful statement. What dies “I’m a Tiger” do for you?
    Quit the crap. It isn’t “toomey Corner. It isn’t Auburn Oaks…what do we refer to all the other oak trees on campus? The Other Auburn Oaks”? Or is this some BS marketing-based nomenclature to make money…. sell alot more splinters than they can make from the TOOMER Oaks, and truthfully label them as “Auburn Oaks” because they were made from Oak trees harvested from forestry land Auburn is overseeing?. It is Toomer’s Corner. It is Toomer Oaks. I am a War Eagle. nuff said.

  2. “Luke, your totally a Diva when you’re hungry. Here.”

    [hands Luke a Snickers.]

    [Announcer] You’re not you when you’re Hungry. Snickers Satisfies.

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