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Final oaks rolling has Toomer’s Drugs prepping for possible 18,000 lemon A-Day

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Millions of lemons, lemons for him: Michael Overstreet is putting the pressure to his suppliers in anticipation of an 18,000 lemonpalooza on April 20. And he’ll have plenty of those shirts—the first official Auburn Oaks shirts, we were wrong—too.

The lemonade will be flowing. If the lemons get there.

“We have found out over the last couple of days that they aren’t ready for the orders we were giving them,” Toomer’s Drugs manager Michael Overstreet says of his lemon suppliers, who expect having to help Toomer’s meet Auburn’s insatiable thirst for lemonade on football Saturday’s in the fall, not spring. But that’s exactly what Overstreet expects April 20 to be, that’s what he’s prepping for—”a huge football game.”

“I haven’t heard any estimates from anyone,” Overstreet says, “but speaking with other businesses, they’re gearing up for a big day. We really think the Auburn family is going to come out and want to be a part of this and remember the trees.”

And they’ll be thirsty when they do.

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There’s more where that came from. Hopefully.

“We’ve already placed an order for over 10,000 lemons and they were having trouble getting that together for us in time,” Overstreet says. “They weren’t ready for that order, but they’re working on it. It’ll all be ready to go.”

Overstreet says Tooemer’s goes through 15,000 to 20,000 lemons on those “perfect storm” Saturdays: Good kickoff time, good weather, good game.

For A-Day, he anticipates on eventually ordering 5,000 to 8,000 more lemons than the 10,000 he already has.

It will be the last big business day that he and his staff will be able to look up from pouring lemonades and see the Toomer’s Oaks through the front doors of the building that indirectly gave the trees their name.

“It’s going to be different,” Overstreet says of working at Toomer’s Drugs after the trees are removed on April 23. “But honestly, at this point, I think it’s going to be a relief. It’s more depressing to look out that window every day and see the shape that they’re in. It hurts, but at this point I think everyone is ready to move on and have new beginning.”

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