ESPN to carry final rolling of Toomer’s Oaks live, will possibly cover trees’ removal


An ESPN production crew sets up shot at Toomer’s Corner to film scenes for “Roll Tide / War Eagle” in 2011.

ESPN will “definitely be there” for the Toomer’s Oaks final rolling event on A-Day, ESPN producer Jonathan Whyley tells The War Eagle Reader.

That Saturday night’s SportsCenter will include a segment on the Celebrate The Tradition block party, and Whyley says the World Wide Leader is also planning to cover portions of the event live. A “mini-feature” on the history of the oaks written by ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi (go here, Tom) is currently scheduled to air Sunday, April 21.

Whyley says an ESPN film crew may also be on hand for the removal of the Toomer’s Oaks on April 23.

“If not, I think we’re going to try get (footage) from WBMA (ABC 33/40 in Birmingham),” Whyley says. “They’re going to be set up live.”

The oaks recently sprouted new growth and will technically remain alive even after they’re cut down.

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