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  1. On their website, one of the t-shirt design options is “Kale isn’t chikin”

    That might not help their cause.

    However, recommending that you eat more of something is pretty generic. I don’t see how Chik-fil-A can claim trademark over the phrase “eat more (blank).”

  2. None of knows the details, but there are similar cases that don’t bode well for Muller-Moore. Texas DoT created the phrase, “Don’t mess with Texas” and routinely sues to squash similar slogans. Also, the National Milk Processor Board regularly sues to protect the “Got Milk” slogan against similar turns-of-phrase.

  3. War Eagle. Bo, the “Eat More Kale” guy here. Really glad to be getting some AU press.
    Am not an AU grad but an AU drop out. Was there for 3 awesome years. 91-94. Too much fun! Graduated from Samford Univ in 97. Have been in Vt. since. Robert Moore was my name. Changed it to Muller–Moore when married. Bo is a nick name. Trade mark Case is not going well. Trade Mark law is tricky! Let me be clear : If i’d heard of CFA or wanted to ride their coat tails, I would have made my design say Eat Mor Kale. I designed Eat More Kale at the request of a Yankee farmer( 12 years ago), who years later was ask if he’d heard of Chick Fil A…he answered Chick Fa Who?
    I’m looking for a TM to protect my EXACT phrase on T-shirts. Chick Fil A is looking to protect themselves from ANY BUSINESS of ANY size that uses the word EAT in their title. ( MOR is not a real word) They’ve shut 40 Mom n Pops down in the past 10 years. I”m looking to protect my micro business from real threats of confusion..not Chick Fil A’s perceived confusion. Sad day for America. Parody is protected yet my Original (albeit Simple) Design cannot be protected? The guys that own LIFE IS GOOD t-shirts got a trademark. I believe I deserve the same protection they get. I think Chick Fil A’s customers are smarter than Chick Fil A’s lawyers do. War Damn Eagle.

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