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Auburn grad and ‘Eat More Kale’ founder in trademark battle with Chick-fil-a, will miss Toomer’s Oaks

Kale vs Chikin
Eat More Kale founder Bo Muller-Moore. AP photo via.

In central Vermont, you’re apparently nothing if you don’t have one of Bo Muller-Moore’s “Eat More Kale” shirts. So many people have them they’ve apparently been “part of the central Vermont landscape, culture and vernacular” since at least 2008.

But they could soon become a collectors item.

Muller-Moore has been fighting to save his small, simple business from extinction since 2011, when Chick-fil-a decided “Eat More Kale” infringed on it’s “Eat More Chikin trademark. His plight has received national attention—Yahoo!, Huffington Post—due to “preliminary no” issued last week from the the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in response to his request for his own trademark.

He actually claims to have never heard of Chick-fil-a until he received their first threats of legal action. Not that that has much bearing on the case, but it also seems kind of hard to believe—not only is Muller-Moore a native of Waffle Fry-friendly Birmingham, he’s also an Auburn graduate (an Auburn grad who’s never heard of Chick-fil-a?!), or at least he tells folks he is (we can’t find him in AU’s alumni directory), and Facebooks like he is.

Muller-Moore actually interrupted his regular Facebook flow of updates on his efforts to save “Eat More Kale” last week to remember the Toomer’s Oaks:

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 10.39.15 AM
Roll more Toomer’s.

“.0005% of you will know why I’m posting this pick this week. To that .0005% of ya’ll….AU is much more than two trees! I’ll miss em as much as you will though.”

That’s good enough for us.

h/t Will Docimo.

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