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1967 United Airlines ad features Auburn cheerleader turned stewardess holding an Auburn pennant

To keep TWER traffic riding the water cooler wave of Mad Men’s return—you know how we roll—here’s a little something on Auburn graduate Anne Jacobs. Because other than, you know, this and this, it’s hard to get more Auburn Meets Mad Men than a photo of a 1967 Auburn cheerleader turned Playboy Club-frequenting United Airlines Stewardess holding an Auburn pennant. Oh, and did we mention they used it in an ad?

cheerleader works as stewardess with auburn sign UNITED AD crop 2.15.1968

Sure, it may (or may not) have only been printed in the Plainsman, but still.

Anne was a Phi Mu who beat out 70 other applicants for the Stewardess From Auburn gig. She went to stewardess boot camp and learned that there are “50 percent less divorces among stewardesses than other professions.” She was constantly doing southern accent requests over the intercom for all the yankees flying the friendly skies, and turning down invitations to spend the weekend with old couples from Milwaukee and receiving boxes of candy from thankful parents of fussy babies and befriending teenage boys flying by themselves to California after mountain climbing lessons in the Alps and accidentally spilling coffee on beatniks (I think we just made a Haley Mills movie). Of course, as a teetotaling Auburn coed, she had no idea how to mix drinks.

“I didn’t even know whether to put a cherry or an olive in a drink,” she told the Plainsman. “The first time I got an order for a ‘screwdriver,’ I started to head for the toolbox.”

But even this proper Auburn lady “saw the inside of the Chicago Playboy Club more than once during her summer.”

Here’s a better photo:

cheerleader works as stewardess with auburn sign crop 9.28.1967

UPDATE: NBC’s Rock Center with Brian Williams recently aired a short documentary about stewardess boot camp in the late 60s recently discovered wherever NBC discovers its documentaries from the late 60s. These particular girls are being trained by Pan Am, rather than United, but it’s exactly what the article on Anne was about. Exactly. Williams also kept dropping “just like Mad Men” references whenever he could, just like we did, but repeatedly feigned shock that the stuff “just like Mad Men“—smoking, sexism, slenderizing salons—was apparently real once upon a time. Check this out—it’s just like Mad Men! We have to apologize in advance—it’s just like Mad Men!

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