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Woodturned item made from Toomer’s Oaks will be in Auburn art museum’s permanent collection

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From Iron Bowl to wood bowl? Wood from the Toomer’s Oaks may wind up as a decorative woodturned bowl, like this one made from oak.

In addition to turning them into souvenirs, Auburn University is planning to commission a “very well-known” (but as yet unnamed) woodturning artist to create an item—possibly a bowl—with wood from the soon to be cut down Toomer’s Oaks that will be in the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art’s permanent collection, according to Debbie Shaw, Vice President of Auburn Alumni Affairs.

Shaw, who sat on the the Committee to Determine the Future of Rolling Toomer’s Corner, said that keeping a portion of the trees off limits to commercial considerations was “an appropriate distinction to make.”

“Everybody wants this wood, everybody thinks they deserve this wood in their offices,” says Shaw, who insists that the price points on the for-sale items made from Toomer’s wood will make them affordable for a wide range of fans. “But that one museum piece everyone is in agreement on.”

Woodturning is a type of woodwork that uses a lathe to shape wood. Here’s a video of an amateur woodturner turning an oak branch into a bowl.

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