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[UPDATED] Commemorative toilet paper to be sold at final Toomer’s Oaks rolling event; free rolls will be handed out

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The plain stuff will be available for free, but Auburn fans will also be able to purchase fancy commemorative toilet paper at the Celebrate The Tradition event on April 20.

Bring your own roll, obviously. But if you forget, the Downtown Merchants Association has you covered. And the Chamber of Commerce. Or maybe it’s actually the university. Whatever, whomever—point is  there’s going to be a lot fresh toilet paper available downtown for the final rolling of the Toomer’s Oaks on April 20.

“We (the Downtown Merchants Association) are making a commemorative roll that’s going to be licensed and have (a wrap with) ‘Auburn Oaks’ on it and ‘One Last Roll,’ says Eric Stamp, owner of downtown screen printers Stamp, and a driving force in Auburn’s DMA. “We’re going to be selling them in 22 locations downtown.”

How much?

“They’re probably going to priced at $5 dollars a piece,” Stamp says. “That sounds ridiculous, but they look pretty fancy. You’re not going to want to unroll it and throw it on the tree. This is for the mantle.”

Stamp says a portion of the funds raised from the rolls will go to AU’s general scholarship fund.

Also getting in on the toilet paper tributes for the final rolling is Toomer’s Rolls, which is planning on selling specially embroidered (“Our Spirit Lives On 4.20.13”) versions of its novelty Toomer’s Corner toilet paper inspired scarves at the event.

Working in conjunction with other “Celebrate The Tradition” organizers, the Auburn Chamber of Commerce says it will also be distributing free rolls of toilet paper at the block party.

Related: Smithsonian-featured artist Matt Moulthrop hopes to tell the Toomer’s Oaks story with sculpture made from trunk section.

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