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Bo Jackson voted Greatest Athlete of All Time in ESPN poll

Move over, Muhammad.

It’s the most obvious ever title for a post on this website. But whatever, I guess it’s still nice to know that in this age of moral relativism, some truths are undeniable–across fan bases, across the world.

Bo vanquished Roger Federer, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, and Jim Brown in head-to-head bracketing, as well as: Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Pele, Anderson Silva, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, Carl Lewis, Tony Hawk, Wayne Gretzky, Dale Earnhardt (huge upset), and Iron Man legend Mark Allen. His closest margin of victory (2 percent) came against Michael Jordan.

In the segment naming Bo the Greatest Athlete of All Time, his end zone dive over the top in the 1982 Iron Bowl was cited as the moment “Bo Jackson exploded on the scene.”

“It’s hard to argue with Sport Science naming Bo Jackson the greatest athlete of all time,” the poll masters write. “Can you even imagine another player ever earning MLB All-Star and NFL Pro Bowl honors in back-to-back years?”

Bo Jackson ranked in the top five in nearly 65 percent of the categories in the Sports Scientists’ metric, categories such as speed (Bo’s faster than a Smart Car), power (Bo snapped bats over his head like they were a 4-year-old’s Gatlinburg walking stick), reaction time (Bo caught six flies in his hand at one time) “and more (Bo ran up walls).”

“It’s a shock,” Bo told ESPN’s John Brenkus.

Good one, Bo!

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