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Bo Jackson, Good Samaritan

Cam Newton isn’t the only Auburn legend famous for doing (good) unto others at the height of his career.

Here’s a mashup of AP reports on Bo getting his Good Samaritan on in February 1989.

Football and baseball star Bo Jackson was one passer-by who didn’t keep going when he spotted a car accident on a Kansas City, Mo., street

Ricky Miller, who like Jackson grew up in Birmingham, said he and his girlfriend were driving through Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 17 on their way to a wedding when their car collided with another.

“I was knocked silly,” Miller said.

Several cars passed without stopping before a man stopped, called the police and waited until they arrived.

Neither Miller nor his girlfriend recognized the man but when he mentioned something about leaving for spring training in a couple of days, Miller’s girlfriend asked, “Do you play for the Chiefs?”

“No, ma’am,” a police officer said. “This is Bo Jackson.”

Miller said that Jackson stayed with him and his girlfriend until they were taken to a hospital.

“I really thought he was just a nice guy through the whole thing,” Miller said. “He was a real gentleman.”

We’re currently doing legwork on another Bo Is The Best story from his Kansas City days, something about the greatest athlete ever running errands for the elderly folks in his apartment complex who had no idea who he was. Sounds about right.

h/t @AU_History.


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