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Auburn grad Katherine Webb at an Auburn basketball game

Splash, ABC’s celebrity diving show starring Auburn grad Katherine Webb, debuts tonight. But unless the producers bounce the back story of “the modern day Cindy Crawford” off of her divided loyalties a la Vanity Fair (and her bio doesn’t really suggest they’re planning to) by dyeing half the pool orange the other half crimson and asking her to choose sides with a cannonball or something, or otherwise ask her to talk Auburn, you won’t be able to read a thing about it on TWER. No weekly Former-Auburn-Cheerleader-In-A-Survivor-Bikini.jpeg recaps. Nothing. (Unless, you know, Auburn comes up. Because that’s what we do, underwear modeling notwithstanding.)

Here’s a photo (think it’s from the 2012 Glom) someone sent us of Webb at an Auburn basketball game from a year or so ago that we’ve held off posting for weeks to show you how serious we are.

Katherine Webb Auburn

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