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  1. That is the reason I could never be a lawyer. To defend people that I know that are scum would not let me sleep at night. i understand that everyone has a right to the best defense and to make sure that their rights are not violated. I just could not do it.

  2. I worked with Andrew during our first few years of practice. He is a fine Auburn Man, which he showed by his professionalism in the Updyke case.

  3. I’d like to think that his professionalism is what makes the attorney an Auburn man–I’d also like to think that if the school loyalties were reversed, that a Bama attorney would be the same.

    However, on point No. 1, I think that is the essential problem with law profession these days–the lawyers define their roles the way they want, and justice and truth get left out of the definition.

    On point No. 2, let’s just say that the I think that percentage chance would be lower with the reverse situation than with the original school alignment.

    Michael Val
    (who quotes Our Lord’s opinion of lawyers: “Woe to you lawyers; you bind up terrible burdens for the people and don’t life a finger to help them!”)

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