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Auburn Ag students hosting ‘Kiss the Goat’ contest for The Cam Newton Foundation

Goat got your tongue?

Auburn’s College of Agriculture is raising proceeds for The Cam Newton Foundation by offering up some of Auburn’s elite at a different kind of kissing booth.

Want to see SGA Vice President Melanie Smith, Interfraternity Council President Carter Hawkins, Mr. and Miss College of Ag Blake Poole and Hannah Patterson or Auburn cheerleading Mic Man Jesse Teel pucker up to a farm animal? It’s going to cost you. Donations are accepted on campus until March 29 or online until April 2.

The contestants actually seem kind of into it.

“Since I currently don’t have a girlfriend, kissing a goat sounds good to me,” Poole says on the “Kiss The Goat” website.

“If the goat is game, I have no issue with it,” Teel says. “But I would not kiss a goat if it did not seem excited about it.”

The winner will be announced at the Ag Hill Picnic at Comer Hall at noon on April 3, and goat kissing will commence. We’re told a certain Blessed Individual–we’d kiss a goat to see him kiss a goat–may be attending.

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