That’s the idea. Thanks, Paris.

Here we grow again… if you’ll help us.

It’s been three and a half years, and we’re trying to improve and expand every aspect of The War Eagle Reader in order to provide the best reader experience in terms of both content and how it’s delivered. We’re trying to raise money to revamp the site’s design and functionality which will help us better do what we do: More longform features, more original photos and videos, more exclusive interviews, better coverage of Auburn—the town and the university—both past and present (and the absolute best coverage of Cam’s Donut Thursdays you’ll find on the internet—that’s a promise).

WAYS TO GIVE: There are three ways to donate. You can still (and always) make our day with a standalone donation, however big or small, via our Paypal portal. (For a donation of $25 or more, we’ll begin sending you (if you want) our new, exclusive weekly newsletter about the behind the screen goins-on of the coolest daily meta-memoir ever.)

You can also sign up for a monthly Pay What You Will subscription below (that will get you on the email list, too—those already subscribing will be automatically added).


But the third option allows for not only the joy of giving, but the joy of that only old programs and sorority paddles and Punt, Bama, Punt posters and stickers and ‘artistic’ Auburn beer steins can bring. Because we’re also putting a TON of treasure from the TWERchives up on eBay—LOADS of rare memorabilia and ephemera of the choicest vintage. It hurts. But that’s how serious we are. Oh, and there are TWER T-shirts. We’ll be adding listing throughout the week. So go here, look around, and bid AUften. And please spread the word. (And you can also always advertise with us; we’re currently working on a more sophisticated advertising model that should hopefully keep us from having to depend so heavily on direct reader support in the future.)
So if you find any joy in The War Eagle Reader and would like to see it continue and grow—and there are still so many Shug secrets to reveal, so many Toomer’s developments to scoop, so many Bo heroics to celebrate, so many Auburn shirts in movies to point out, so many Cam gospels unwritten, so many lost tribes of alumni and townsfolk waiting for TWER’s twin engine to fly over their jungles and tell their stories —please consider becoming a supporter. (Our eternal gratitude to those who have given in the past.)
Thank you for your support. It means more than you know. Let’s War Eagle forever.

About Jeremy Henderson

Jeremy Henderson is the editor of The War Eagle Reader and co-host of Rich and Jeremy in the Mornings on Wings 94.3 FM in Auburn. Follow him on Twitter: @wareaglereader / @jerthoughts / @RichandJeremy

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