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Teenage inventor turns bicycle into prosthetic leg, plans to maybe come to Auburn

Cycle of Life: 19-year-old Parker Owens turned a thrift store bicycle into a low-cast prosthetic leg. He’s currently a student at the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science. He may soon be a student at Auburn.

“Lazy and bored,” Parker Owen found inspiration in old bicycle designs. The Alabama School of Math and Science student turned that into an idea for human prosthetics. That’s some Saturday night.

On a quest for mobility, Owen found a way he could help out some of the people he’ll meet on an upcoming mission trip to Honduras. He tore down an old scrap bicycle and made a leg from the parts. The saddle is now a foot. Tubes are tendons and muscle. Handlebars and parts of the pedal become a working knee.

Owen’s “Cycle-Leg” is functional. An expert say it will work. He says he can build it for $25 in parts, almost entirely from one bicycle.

When he’s not being “lazy” Owen has studied in more than a dozen physics classes. And while our smartphone games are calling out to us, he’s busy working on something that will allow a manufactured hand to be controlled by your brain.

Here’s to hoping those hands — TWER officially estimates their prospective cost at $45 each — can make Alice’s AU sign. Owen tells al.com’s Rena Havner Phillips he is considering enrolling at Auburn to study mechanical engineering and theoretical physics.

Human touch, indeed.

Photo: al.com. You can read more about the Cycle-Leg here.

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