‘Naked’ Auburn coeds holding giant cardboard hearts—a Plainsman Valentine’s tradition!

The Loveliest of the Plains had been running for nearly 20 years by 1968, which means nearly 20 Valentine’s themed editions with nearly 20 different Valentine’s-ish poses—opening cards, carving hearts and initials into trees. It’d all been done to death! So what did you do post-Summer of Love when you were on deadlines and out of ideas? Just get a pretty blonde girl to pretend (we assume she’s pretending) she’s naked and censoring her censorables with a giant heart! Perfect! Classic Loveliest (of course it’s a Mauldin).

Cindi Parris, Loveliest of the Plains for the Plainsman’s February 8, 1968 issue.

So classic that it apparently inspired (unconsciously?) a conceptual twin exactly 10 years later, when editors (once again) wanted to illustrate for purely educational reason just what you could get away with in the Plainsman back in the  days “when a woman could be photographed just because she was a woman.”

Laura Linton, Loveliest of the Plains for the Plainsman’s February 8, 1978 issue.

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