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Billionaire’s advice: Get a degree from Auburn

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The highest paid CEO in America got his degree from Auburn. Now a billionaire is telling ‘financial types’ to do likewise.

Outspoken billionaire businessman and Guinness Book of World Records record holder Jim Rogers, a Demopolis native who retired at 37 after scoring on some sort of Scrooge McDuck-style investment in the 70s, was in Atlanta recently, addressing the CFA Society of Atlanta. His economic forecast? Agriculture is in, finance is out—War Eagle.

From BizJournals.com:

“Finance is going to be a very difficult place to be in the next 20 to 30 years,” he said, citing MBA-holders who made “terrible mistakes” during the recession. “Finance is over.”

Where will future investment opportunities lie, in his view? “Move to the country. Be a tractor dealer or fertilizer salesman. If that’s not for you, open restaurants where there are farms.”

His parting thought? To teach our children Mandarin. “Or any secondary language. If Georgia had a bilingual community in 20 years, my God, you’d gave the rest of the U.S. a run for their money,” he said.

His inflammatory remarks to the couple of hundred audience members at the dinner included urging “financial types to trade in their MBAs for a degree in agriculture or mining from Auburn.”

We’re not even sure if Auburn still offers a mining degree. But we are pretty sure this was serious advice. Rogers doesn’t seem to be one to mince his words. He also stated that Charmain of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke “doesn’t know a thing about economics. If he was here, I’d tell him to his face.”

It’s never too late to go back to school, Ben. Maybe you’ll have a class with Cam, play a little intramural…

h/t: Kenny Smith.

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