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‘Call Me, XOXO’: Auburn Phi Mu says Singing Valentine to Cam Newton started as a joke, but the invitation to formal still stands

Here’s her (blacked out) number, Cam… so call her, maybe.

Auburn sophomore Rachel Gilmore spent Valentine’s Night waiting for—maybe, just maybe—a phone call from Cam Newton. He had her number.

“That’s the embarrassing part, I did leave my number on it, and then I put ‘Call Me, XOXO, Rach’—I told him my nickname!” laughs Gilmore, who on Thursday did what thousands of other Auburn coeds have only joked about doing—she asked Cam Newton out on a date. But not just any date—Phi Mu’s Carnation Ball, so special it’s held only once every four years. And she didn’t just ask him out. Gilmore paid $10 to have Auburn Wesley Foundation’s Singing Valentines group extend the “XOXO” invitation in song during one of Newton’s classes. Because hey—you never know.

“I was in the student center (on Wednesday) with my friend and [the Wesley Foundation singers] started singing to us and playing the guitar and I asked who we should embarrass and we were thinking why don’t we just do Cam Newton as a joke,” Gilmore says. “The people who were singing said he actually had three people do it to him in 2010 and I thought, well, I guess I’ll be the first person in 2013, and they said to fill out this piece of paper.”

Rachel Gilmore and Auburn Santa. Both would rather be with Cam Newton.

And they needed more than just “Cam Newton,” they needed a where and when. Not a problem.

“She knew the building room number and everything,” says Auburn freshman Tomi Obeebe, one of the students who actually sang to Newton. “She really did her homework. Maybe she had a really good inside scoop somehow.”

Gilmore laughs.

“I’m not creepy—one of my sorority sisters actually has class next door to him. She told us which room it was.”

Not that it was even going to matter…

“No, I mean, I thought ‘this is not going to work, but I’ll still pay because it goes to a good cause,'” Gilmore says. Money collected from the Singing Valentines is financing two upcoming Wesley Foundation mission trips. “And I didn’t even know for sure if that was actually the right room. I was like, I’ll listen to my sorority sisters, I’ll put that room number, but I was just like, ‘this is not going to work.'”

By which she means, Cam being serenaded at all, let alone saying agreeing to go to formal.

It worked.

“That class ended and my phone started blowing up with texts and I thought, ‘oh my gosh, they actually did it.'”

Which means she actually did it. Her, Cam Newton, the Carnation Ball—it’s out there. And her sorority sisters who Gilmore says were initially embarrassed that she put it out there are now making sure it stays out there with the Twitter hashtag #camtocarnation.

“Some of my pledge sisters say they want to make shirts with #camtocarnation and  have my face on them,” Gilmore says. “I said, ‘no, we are not walking around with my picture on a shirt.’ He’d really think I was creepy then.”

“I mean, at first it was a joke, but if he did it, if he came, it’d be cool. I wasn’t expecting this at all, but obviously I’d freak out.”

So no calls yet?

“He hasn’t called yet, but it (the Carnation Ball) isn’t until April. So he still has time.”

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