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Auburn helping NASCAR reduce rain delays

Heavenly Father, you said in all things give thanks, so we want to thank you for these mighty new drying machines that you brought before us in part by the National Center for Asphalt Technology at Auburn University. Because not only will they reduce the time it takes to return grace, performance, and power to the track after a rain delay by 80 percent, but they’re finally giving us as good an excuse as we’ll get to embed the Gregory Brother’s beautiful American miracle: “Best NASCAR Prayer Ever.”True, the Air Titan compressed air vacuum jet drying innovation thing was technically spearheaded by the NASCAR Research and Development Center, but according to Motorracingnetwork.com, they couldn’t have done it without Auburn’s help (obviously).

Bodegetta Bodegetta Bodegatta, Amen.

h/t: Robbert Ballard.

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