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  1. Maaannnnn….just because she’s currently dating that Bama kid, doesn’t mean she should be in a split jersey. If they were engaged or married, that would be one thing, but this is pandering, imho. But she does look gorgeous!

  2. I have always said that no real Auburn fan would have a house divided, much less have one of those “house divided” tags. I would rather have no tag. Hell, I would rather have no house. Anyway, to the point, I would sooner wear no jersey than a split jersey. I wish Ms. Webb felt this way too.

  3. I can’t wait til she realizes she’s dating a loser. Of course, by then a lot of AU fans will be over her.

  4. Katherine, I am very proud of you. You have represented our state well. Im sorry about the fans that cant be mature about the Auburn Alabama thing but you a classy lady. Alabama is proud of you. People sometimes take things way to far and there are football fans that take things ways too seriously. Your a beautiful woman inside and out and you make the state of Alabama proud. So people grow up and enjoy life. Its not all about football and what team you cheer for. There are so many people that are married and have mates that are for other teams. It makes life fun!!!! So come on people grow up and get a life.

  5. George, it’s not about football; it’s about one’s university and loving it. The Jersey represents loyalty. In this case, disloyalty.
    Before you post a lecture you should consider performing a spell and grammar check.
    War Eagle (Only)!

  6. “Wrong” about what, George? Loyalty or your poor grammar and punctuation?

    War Eagle Always. Never R-T.

  7. Lee, Your character really shows. Go look in the mirror and tell us just how perfect you are.

  8. I agree with Bob and George. Katherine some people are so full of themselves. Thank you for all that you have done through out the state of Alabama. You have done so much for charities all through the year. I doubt that Lee has done what you have. Thank you for raising thousands for cancer awareness , the Ronald Mcdonald House and for helping the Mary Ellen’sHearth at Nellie Burge Community Center. You are much appreciated for all the hard work , time and money that you have given. You have inspired my daughter and have helped her with her self confidence that no other person has been able to do, so I send a big THANK YOU. Also for that little boy that was so interverted and now has come out of his shell because of you. His parents are also very thankful. Dont even listen to all the negative things people say, they are the ones that have problems and were probably bullies through out their childhood. They obviously need emotional help. Much love and thanks. We love you Katherine!!!

  9. I am so proud of Katherine. Katherine, thank you for all the hard work you did for the state of Alabama. You helped raise thousands of dollars for so many charities. (cancer awareness and Ronald Mcdonald House) Because of you my daughter is doing so much better with her self confidense. Also, because of you the little boy that was so interverted has come out of his shell, his parents are also very thankful. Keep up the good work and thank you for helping so many kids.

  10. You people are funny. I’m a bully because I note poor grammar from someone who asserts devotion to Auburn is about football only? I have no character because of my belief that Katherine could have done “all those good things” and been loyal to Auburn concomitantly?

    I believe in Auburn and love it!

    War Eagle!

  11. Lee, not everyone has perfect grammar like yourself and yes you have given us a taste of your character. Keep it up!

  12. Hi, Josh!

    You’re really comical by proving your point about grammar in your first post. However, the most egregious error occurs in the second comment. The contraction for “you are” is “you’re” and not “your,” which indicates possession. You may refer to my first sentence, providing an example of both.

    I believe in honesty and truthfulness.

    War Eagle!

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