Auburn grad ‘Bama Bombshell’ Katherine Webb will be featured prominently in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Word on the tweet is that this is indeed the cover of the newest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which isn’t scheduled to hit magazine stands until Feb. 12. And if it is, it looks as if Auburn grad Katherine Webb won’t merely be a sidebar blurb, but featured prominently in the magazine — prominently enough to be one of only three models mentioned by name (‘Bama Beauty Katherine Webb’) on the cover, right across from two-time cover model Kate Upton (Hannah Davis is at the top).


UPDATE: And it’s true. Here’s the official SI-released image:

We’ve so gone out of the way to introduce her as “Auburn Grad Katherine Webb” in TWER’s every contribution to the World Wide Webb, and, well, this is the reason why–to combat the perception that Miss Webb belongs to Bama. Because no one when seeing ‘Bama’ will be thinking Alabama the state, not when it’s on the cover of Sports Illustrated, not when she’s the girlfriend of that Alabama quarterback guy. They’ll be thinking the Tide. But by God, until she gets a “Bama Girl” chest tat, we refuse to let them claim her.

Photo via @FashionCopious, h/t @BustedCoverage.

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