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The shot that sank Kentucky in 1960

Auburn’s 1960 win over Kentucky was a big deal; that’s the way wins over Kentucky seem to go. But this one was a little bigger. It helped Auburn clinch the SEC championship, for one, and it gave us this awesome photo (from the 1960 Glom) of Jimmy Fibbe, which is pretty the Mona Lisa of Auburn basketball history.

Here’s the story behind it, from the Feb. 24, 1960 issue of The Plainsman:

There there was Jimmy Fibbe, the game winner.. “Mr. Ice-water in the Veins.” Fibbe, already a 15 point scorer and top rebounder for the night, turned immortal hero with just five seconds left on the red-faced clock. Jimmy had a one and one free throw situation… a miss on the first show would be fatal. But this Kentuckian with the big chance to his home folks, hit once… twice, it was Auburn-61-60.

Auburn everything photographer Les King was there under the basket and captured Fibbe winnin’ it like Teen Wolf, game over…. except for the four remaining seconds which was actually somehow enough for Kentucky to streak down the court for what would have been a game-winning layup. But “coming from nowhere to ghost back to the position he’d been faked out of, big Johnny Helmlinger, now called Auburn’s “Humding,” twisted like a fakir and reached high into the air, making the historic block of Feldhaus’ shot, saving the big win for Auburn as the clock ran bare of seconds.”

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