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  1. Wait, Barfield technically resigned? That means Gene Chizik was the first Auburn HC fired in 62 years.

  2. I noticed Bo said “University of Auburn” during 30-for-30’s “Roll Tide, War Eagle”. Now we can blame that on Dye.

  3. Wait, Barfield resigned on December 1 and we did not have a coach in place until January 3? What the heck was the administration doing? They are lucky there was no internet back then, Auburn boards would have been melting down! Not to mention what Finebaum would have been saying about the Dooley Debacle and then Dye bringing a bunch of coaches from Wyoming!

    I knew Dye had coached at East Carolina, but I had no idea he was there so long, or had that good a record. Does anyone know if they were D-1 or D-1AA back then?

  4. Is it OK if I skip the low hanging fruit of Tuberville as Job and skip to Malzahn as a giant-killing David?

    Still haven’t found a good one for Bowden and Chizic. May have to try Norse Mythology for Loki and Balder.

  5. I know one was already mentioned but I argue Tuberville has to be Moses… he saw the promised land (2004) but wasn’t allowed to enter.

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