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Rasmussen Reports rates Auburn fans as nation’s most loyal

Best fan in America? Somebody has to be.

One reason why Auburn football is worth so much money (millions more than Bama football if you recall)? Maybe because Auburn football fans are the most loyal in the country. Like, officially.

That’s not just according to a new assistant coach getting off an airplane or an athletics department press release. No, that’s coming from Rasmussen Reports. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

This past fall, Rasmussen pollsters asked college football fans how  much they care about their team, how much it means to them, the role it plays in their lives.  You’ll never guess which conference beat out all the others in the four categories “used to measure the strength of their super fandom.” Here’s a hint: Seven national championships in a row.

SEC fans found it “somewhat or very important” to watch their team play every week, something fans of the Big 12 apparently don’t care about. SEC fans pay attention to their teams even when they’re terrible. And they wear tons of officially licensed team apparel while they’re doing it.

But take a certain team from Alabama out of the SEC average and the results might be significantly different. Nope, not that team. The good guys.

From FoxBusiness.com:

As a charter member of the SEC, it’s no wonder that Auburn placed first among schools when Rasmussen and Discovers rank teams individually. The top five groups of super fans follow:

West Virginia

Yep, Auburn is the only SEC team in the Super Fans Top Five.

It’s like finding actual, scientific proof that you really are the best kid in the world, just like your parents always told you.

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