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Progressive Car Insurance targeting Auburn fans with subliminal marketing (subliminally)?

We try to devote our precious attention not to maybes or couldbes or kindofs. But documenting Auburn references in pop culture isn’t an exact science. (Who can say exactly what color that was or where that is or if that dude’s ever even heard of Auburn?)

Still, there’s something about Flo’s face that has us cautiously optimistic, that says yes, yes, a thousand times yes: the orange and blue throne on which she sits in this Progressive commercial is an AU, and meant on at least some level to be viewed as such.

We’ve put in a couple of calls to Progressive to verify the obvious, but so far they don’t seem very progressive in the ol’ customer service department; we’ve yet to hear back.

But as we and the Apostle Paul have said before, the important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Auburn is preached. And because of this we rejoice. Yes, and we will continue to rejoice.

Via @WesleySinor

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