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Miss America: ‘War Eagle! You can say that I said it.’


And we will say it. I mean, we knew–hats are the window to the soul. But still, it’s nice to actually hear / read Opelika native, former Auburn student /Niffer’s employee, and new Miss America Mallory Hagan actually, proudly proclaim  her Auburnness, especially in this age of moral relativism.

From al.com:

“’War Eagle!’ You can say that I said it,” says Mallory Hagan, the 23-year-old crowned Miss America Saturday night in Las Vegas. “I have so many fond memories of SEC football games and growing up on the plains.”

Hagan grew up in Opelika and lived there until she moved to New York at 19.

“I graduated from Opelka High School in 2007 and was basically raised in my mother’s dance studio in the Auburn-Opelika area. I’m definitely kind of a divided household,” she says. “Half my life is in Brooklyn, where I made my adult decisions and started my adult life. But Opelika will always be home to me, too.”

Now it’s time for a red carpet “War Eagle,” Octavia-style.

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