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Haley Center cake

Ah Haley Center — the butt of so many Auburn student jokes. But once upon a time, the top to one awesome birthday cake for its namesake, Auburn grad and former half-a-century Auburn Board of Trustees member Paul S. Haley.

Whoever first used this photo for Auburn-y purpose apparently only wanted Haley and his cake to be seen… to the point of whiting / cropping out distinguished guests former AU first lady Caroline Draughon, and the Philpotts.

This photo was taken in 1967, the year Auburn broke ground on Haley Center, which wouldn’t be open for students to smoke in until 1969 (here’s a really, really, really great view of the construction). Haley died in 1968, so it’s entirely possible this was his last birthday cake.

We hear it was so delicious, you got lost in its flavors.

AU Archives photo via @SuiteAuburn.

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