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Finding Auburn hat in ‘Finding Bigfoot’

Maybe it’s real after all. Because in Sunday night’s new episode of “Finding Bigfoot,” the Animal Planet show in which a wonderfully wacky team of researchers stalk Sasquatch across the fruited plain in night vision (why at night? Almost all the sightings are during the day. Bigfoot’s gotta sleep!), there’s a dude in an Auburn hat at the “Have You Seen Big Foot” town hall meeting (this one’s somewhere in the Colorado Rockies). And he’s on the front row. And he raises his hand.

You can’t tell in the clip, but it looks as if he and the woman next to him are both wearing T-shirts with what appears to be the words “Bigfoot Outpost” on them. Yes, he’s a true believer—in Bigfoot, and if that hat is any indication, in honesty and truthfulness. I’m sure he’d appreciate the respect and confidence of his fellow Auburn man in this matter.

Eagle Eye Awards to Jason Ray and Philip.

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