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Auburn’s Randy Beard ranked 4th hottest professor in the country

Bama might have the hottest football team in the country right now but Auburn has the hottest professors.

Auburn economics professor Randy Beard is ranked #4 on RateMyProfessor.com’s 2011-2012 Overall Hottest Professors list, moving up five slots from last year’s ninth place ranking.

What just started out as a contest between himself and former colleague Richard Ault to see who could get the most chili peppers soon turned into another Auburn “victory.”

Randy Beard: Auburn obviously knows how to STUD-y…

On RMP.com, students can rate and compare any of their professors, from easiness and clarity to the professor’s physical attributes. If a student gives a professor a chili pepper, they are then considered “hot.”

According to RMP.com, “chili peppers are awarded based on the sum of positive and negative (hot or not) ratings.”

“Perhaps this just shows that economics is hot,” Beard said. “I always suspected this, but aside from this ranking, I do not have much evidence. When I meet new people at parties, I usually tell them I am an embalmer. This gets a better response than saying I am an economist who studies public utility regulation.”

Sounds pretty steamy to us.

“One of the finest instructors Auburn University has to offer…in more ways that one…” said one commenter on RMP.com, and another saying, “Also, (his) appearance is a gift from the gods themselves. So that’s a bonus.”

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