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Auburn University to establish graduate program in brewing science

A+: Members of the Auburn Brew Club sample a Norwegian Christmas Ale.

UPDATE: Here are the classes you’ll have to take to earn your Auburn beer degree.

Course credit for a keg party. It’s the college dream. And something kinda sorta like it may soon be a reality at Auburn via a graduate degree program in, yes, brewing science. That kind of brewing science.

From the OA-News:

According to board materials released by the university, the graduate certificate in brewing sciences comes from the College of Human Science and was initiated in order to provide graduate-level coursework for students and professionals interested in learning about brewing, including malting, mashing, brewing and fermentation.

In an interview with AU’s “Take 5” series last year, Martin O’Neill, head of the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Hospitality Management, said the proposal relates to the growing interest in home and craft brewing and, if approved, would tap into an important niche market in education.

Earning a degree in brewing science will take you 18 credit hours. But if it is offered, it won’t be until sometime in 2014. But don’t get beer tears, you can start fermenting over the curriculum.

Auburn already boasts a small but active home brew club that counts several Auburn professors among its members, and Dale’s Pale Ale, voted America’s top craft beer, was first brewed in an Auburn bathtub. So yeah, it makes all kinds of sense.

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