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Auburn researcher names new spider after U2’s Bono

Joshua Tree National Park: Where the spiders have new names…

Jason Bond, Professor & Director of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History, has a fun way of keeping us in the news: Giving crazy celebrity names to new species of spiders!

Last year, Aubie got Bonded with the Myrmekiaphila tigris. This time, it’s Bono.

From MSN.com:

It appeared Bono and arachnids didn’t mix when his “Spider-Man” musical had a rough Broadway run, but that didn’t keep a biologist from naming an actual spider species after the U2 singer.

Jason Bond of Auburn University in Alabama has identified 33 new species of trapdoor spider, including three of them in the California desert at Joshua Tree National Park. The park’s namesake is featured in the title and cover of U2’s 1987 album, “The Joshua Tree.”

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports that Bond named two of the spiders after Indian tribes and one, A. bonoi, after Bono.

Back in his East Carolina days, Bond apparently also honored Angelina Jolie, Cesar Chavez, and Stephen Colbert with their own spiders.

If his next name isn’t some play on “Katherine’s Webb,” we’ll be disappointed.

h/t Kevin Harp.

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