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Auburn grad Katherine Webb on Dancing With The Stars?

We decided to spare you a separate post on it, but KWebb met Donald Trump last week, who has supposedly also offered her a gig as Miss USA judge.

Krista Klumpp made us “Survivor” fans. Caitlin King and Brittany Fletcher got us to tune in and stay tuned to “The Amazing Race.” Now it looks like we may have to introduce our DVRs to that “Dancing With The Stars” show.  Yep, it looks as if ABC could be the latest major media company caught in Katherine’s Webb.

Here’s the Page Six account of her trip to New York last week for her SI swimsuit shoot, and dinner.

“…(Webb) was overheard telling fans at Meatpacking District restaurant Toy that she was moving to the Big Apple to pursue a full-time modeling career.

The 23-year-old Alabama native, who now lives in Los Angeles, arrived dolled up to the eatery Thursday night while here for the SI swimsuit shoot.

Spies told us she sat down quietly for her meal when a table of women noticed the former pageant queen and grabbed her attention with cheers and applause.

Webb, who was “initially caught off-guard,” then opened up to the female fans about planning to move to the city so she could establish a modeling career.

Webb was also overheard saying that she was offered a spot in the upcoming season of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” but did not say whether she would participate.

Rob Kardashian–that’s our response to those who want to get all “I thought you had to be a star” on Webb’s possible appearance (but congrats to Rob on finally launching that sock line.) Sure, she’d almost certainly have the least amount of time logged in the limelight than any contestant ever, but the wattage, man…

Besides, all the Auburn Creed talks about is counting on what you’ve earned. Surely you can still enjoy and benefit from what you haven’t. Not that she hasn’t.

h/t @radiofreeblake.

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