‘War Eagle Bud!’ Cam Newton singles out another kid in an Auburn jersey, gives him a touchdown ball

“War Eagle, bud!”

The Panthers lost yesterday. 11-year-old Griffin Sanders did not. Because he was in an Auburn jersey (even USA Today noticed). Here’s the story told us by his mom, Robyn Sanders:

“Aaron (15) and Griffin (11) had chosen seats in the endzone to strategically place themselves near Cam when he came out of the tunnel. Cam threw a td pass to the endzone where they were. During the celebration, it looked like he caught a glimpse of Griffin wearing his AU #2 jersey. He looked up with that huge Cam grin, went to the ref and got the ball and took it straight to Griffin. Griffin said, “War Cam Eagle,” and of course, Cam said, “War Eagle Bud!”  There has never been a happier 11 yr old boy!! He is absolutely Cam’s #1 fan. The boys also went to the National Championship Game and got to “touch” Cam when he jumped into the crowd. Griffin’s main concern right now is in trying to get the ball signed!”

Like we said, you know, last week — dress in Auburn gear at a Carolina game, receive a touchdown football from the Blessed Individual. It’s science.

h/t @jeff_poor

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