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Newtown tragedy inspires Auburn grad to perform 40 acts of kindness for his 40th birthday

The worst thing ever is bringing out the best in people across the country, including Charlotte, N.C. resident Mike Griffin, a 1996 Auburn graduate who celebrated his 40th birthday today by performing random acts of kindness today, 40 of them.

“We saw the Connecticut thing happen, and it’s my 40th birthday so we decided that there was no better way to celebrate the birthday than do 40 random acts of kindness,” Griffin told WCNC. “We started off the day taking breakfast to our kids’ schools and there were some policemen so we gave them gift cards. We took lunch to the people helping build our house. We went and sang at a nursing home.”

If Cam Newton happened to get a free Coke or cheeseburger today, that was Griffin, too. He and his family also taped quarters to vending machines in area malls, and paid for the lunches of the customers behind him in the Burger King drive-thru line.

“It’s been fantastic. We’ve gotten a lot of hugs, a lot of surprise. It’s just been a fantastic feeling,” Griffin said.

“Imagine if we got a whole lot of people across the country to do this? It would be a whole lot better news story than some of the things we’ve seen lately.”

h/t @AUAlumniAssoc

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