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Mobile Mardi Gras will feature Aubie float with Toomer’s Oaks scenery

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We’re told—and when it comes to Mardi Gras stuff, we have to be told—that a Mobile Mardi Gras Secret Society will have an Auburn-themed float come February, complete with a giant Aubie decoration up the Toomer’s Oaks (and friend?). At least that’s what the Mystic Stripers Society M.S.S’s concept drawing for the float seems to suggest.

The parade’s theme is “Famous Mascots” or “College Mascots.” So there’s likely to be a Big Al float as well. But there’s supposedly a tiger float every year, so unless the Alabama White Bear shows up, he’ll be outnumbered.

Last year, Auburn senior Betsy Davis was crowned Queen of the Mystics of Time, one of Mobile’s proudest and most prominent Mardi Gras mystic societies (we’re told), and gave a “War Eagle” during her coronation.

h/t Paul Thompson.

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