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If Barfield leaves, who’ll be coach?

Rumors be swirlin’, same as it ever was. And like with out most recent head coaching turnover, they started a month or so before the end of the season. But the first ‘what the…’  names tossed into print as possible replacements for Doug Barfield—I mean, the whole Dooley and Bowden thing we knew, right, but Billy Atkins and Dan “I would definitely consider the head coaching position at Auburn University” Reeves?—are only part of what makes this story on the immediate future of Auburn football were Barfield let go at the end of the season, as it was looking more and more likely every Saturday (see bottom headline), such a treasure.

Why wasn’t Bobby Bowden, who actually gave Barfield his “hopes and prayers” endorsement, more interested in the Auburn job, you ask? Maybe because the Seminoles were paying him $125,000 a year.

Barfield was bringing in a whopping $36-40,000.

But the best part is that, best we can tell, this is the first time Pat Dye’s name appeared in the Plainsman, or at the very least the first time he was quoted in the Plainsman. And of course it has “ain’t” in it:

“Pat Dye, a former Georgia player who was rumored to be in line for Dooley’s job last season, released a one-sentence response to published reports (that he was a candidate for the Auburn job): ‘I ain’t talked to them, and let’s leave it at that.'”

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