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Feedback from online survey to help determine new look of Toomer’s Corner

Circle and Center is one of four options for the future design of Toomer’s Corner Auburn alumni, fans, and residents are being asked their opinion of in a new online survey.

The Auburn family is again being asked for its opinion on the future of Toomer’s Corner.

In an interview with the Auburn Plainsman, Auburn University campus planner Jeffery Dumars says that input received from a survey that will be online through Jan. 18, 2013 will weigh heavily on which two of the four concepts presented by university-contracted landscape architects last month AU will likely look to develop into Toomer’s 2.0.

“We want the broader Auburn family to see what those are to this point and be able to comment on that,” Dumars told the Plainsman. “If you’ve seen the options, they are still very preliminary sketches. They aren’t very far advanced.”

“The intent then is for the team to create two more revised schemes,” Dumars said. “There are a couple of different ways to do this depending on the feedback. We could take pieces of each of the themes to create two themes or we might advance two themes because those are well accepted as they are. It all depends on the comments that come back.”

Dumars said the original goal of having the new Toomer’s Corner completed by the start of the 2013 football season is no longer realistic and that progress on the project is currently a year behind expectations.

“It’s going to take longer than that. So we’re not rushing. The only contract we have at this point is to finish these two refined plans and have those presented in February. Assuming at that point we can have consensus on a plan for a future vision for the Corner, assuming the trees have to be replaced and we have to rip up pavement, move walls and soil due to remediation, at that point, we hope to have a common vision where everyone buys into that plan.”

“Then we will initiate a contract with a set of consultants to do the design work,” Dumars said. “And that work will take a couple of months. Maybe even six months or a year, then we have time to do the construction before the football season of 2014.”

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