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Bo Jackson talks about the ‘gleam’ in Gus Malzahn’s eye

Unlike Bo, the audio in this interview with Bo about why he felt Gus Malzahn was the right man to coach Auburn’s football team isn’t perfect, so here’s the transcript.

We talked to a lot of talented coaches out there. A lot of coaches that are going to be Division I coaches at other places. And they’re all stars in their own right. Gus shined a little bit brighter than all of those guys during the interview process. The passion which he had when he answered questions. The gleam in his eye. The tenacity in the way he explained the things that he wanted to do and the things that he wanted to accomplish. And for him to be hungry the way he is, and to have the passion in his heart to come back here to take on a task like this.

And, in some way, to come into a hornet’s nest like this and say, ‘Hey, my job is to rebuild this program, to get these kids back to the winning ways that Auburn fans are used to,’ that says a lot. That says a lot.

If Bo be for you, who can be against you?

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