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AU Kinesiology Department ‘nerds’ featured in Wall Street Journal

Auburn’s contribution to the increasingly popular discipline of that ‘K’ word, previously known as Gym, was nicely and rightly recognized Wednesday by the Wall Street Journal.

In this new world, the jocks are no longer at odds with nerds. They are the nerds. In Auburn University’s fast-growing kinesiology department, 18 faculty members are former athletes, according to department head Mary Rudisill, a former swimmer.

Former college track star Matthew Miller, who calls himself the second-fastest faculty member in Auburn’s kinesiology department, runs a performance and “psychophysiology” lab that seeks to “uncover neurobiological mechanisms underlying psychomotor performance phenomena frequently reported in the sport and exercise psychology literature,” according to the lab’s website.

The nerds in the AU-bor, ahem, Auburn Kinesiology (even the online spell check thinks it’s a made up word!) Department, which according to its website is “the place to be if you are interested in studying human movement and physical activity,” even made the video shout outs, so you know WSJ means it.

h/t @davidjones3020.

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