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#26Acts of Kindness movement started by Auburn man

34-year-old Warren Tidwell, not NBC’s Ann Curry, is the originator of the #26Acts of Kindness movement. Tidwell lives in Auburn and manages an Opelika auto service center.

Our old friend Warren Tidwell, the original brains and brawn behind Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa, is at it again — in a big, big way. That #26Acts of Kindness thing? Tidwell, an Auburn resident and an Auburn fan, started it. Not that you’d know that.

NBC’s Ann Curry has been widely credited with starting the movement which aims to inspire people to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting with random acts of kindness. But the idea was Tidwells. In less than half an hour after learning of the shooting, Tidwell created the 26 Acts of Kindness Facebook page, which he eventually turned over to NBC to manage after it surged in popularity following a tweet from Curry promoting a similar idea with the #20Acts hashtag.

In fact the first of the now thousands of acts of kindness inspired by Tidwell’s idea happened at an Auburn grocery store. Tidwell gave a stranger a box of chocolates attached with the note: “To honor the 26 taken from us at Sandy Hook we are doing 26 acts of kindness. You are #1.”

Auburn graduate Mike Griffin recently gained attention for celebrating his 40th birthday with 40 acts of kindness in response to the tragedy in Newtown

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