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‘Mahvelous Bo’ — the best, most awesomely 80s Bo Jackson song ever

Miami Vice. Jackson 5. Footloose. Haley’s Comet. “Eye of the Tiger.” Nautilus. Video game sounds. Rambo. Rocky. Heck, maybe even After Burner if you want. And of course Billy Crystal’s Fernando Lamas impression. And of course it’s about Bo Jackson. It’s almost paralyzing how awesomely 80s this 1985 song recorded at Birmingham’s Prestige Recording Studio (now Poly Music) by Johnny Chance Jones (one of the same dudes behind this other awesome Auburn song) to celebrate Bo’s Heisman run in the fall of 1985 is. (Can’t see the video? Try here.)

Are we missing any references?

“Dye’s got it all down pat.” Brilliant.

Related: Here’s Randy Campbell’s Bo Jackson song.

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