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Former Aubie convinces Indianapolis Colts cheerleader to shave her head for cancer research

First a tweet, then we meet: Played by Auburn graduate and former friend of Aubie Trey Mock, Indianapolis Colts’ mascot Blue has a Colts’ cheerleader seal the deal with her signature.

The current alter ego of a former friend of Aubie is making headlines for convincing an Indianapolis Colts cheerleader to go (temporarily) bald to fight cancer.

Trey Mock, known better to Indianapolis Colts fans as Blue the mascot, issued a challenge to the Colts’ cheerleaders via Twitter: “If I raise $10,000 4 leukemia research, will a cheerleader let me shave her head at our next game?”

Second-year Colts cheerleader Megan M. quickly signed up. Literally. Blue arranged a promotional contract signing ceremony complete with lawyers and visual aids in case she didn’t know “bald” meant “a la Britney Spears.”

You can watch the video here.

The effort is part of the Colts’ CHUCKSTRONG cancer research campaign, named in honor of the team’s coach, Chuck Pagano, who has been diagnosed with leukemia. If Colts’ fans donate $10,000 by Nov. 25, Mock will shave Megan’s head duringIndianapolis’ home game vs. Buffalo.

Mock was on the team that helped Aubie win the 2003 mascot national championship.

“Between the Aubies and the Delaware mascots, those are two programs that their mascots go pro,” Mock, a Marietta, Ga. native, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution before leading the Colts onto the field for Super Bowl XLIV.

h/t Carolyn Sloss.

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