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Family of Auburn grads wins award for building the perfect rocking chair

Rocker of ages.

Or at least perfect enough to be called perfect and named the Overall Winner in Garden & Gun’s 2012 Made in the South Awards. At least perfect enough to cost $4,000.

In the magazine’s latest issue, father Randy Cochran and sons Keith and Dylan (and his Waverly Militia shirt and faux vintage Auburn hat), Auburn grads all, share the secret to their Fort Payne / Arley-based family business Wood Studio‘s success, and how when it comes to the American-born pursuit of ultimate undulation, eighty hours of sweat, southern hardwood, mortise and tenon joinery is worth each and every of the 400,000 pennies.

… maybe passion just runs in the family. Keith and Dylan’s dad, Randy, built the first Lookout Mountain Rocker more than thirty years ago, when his sons were babies; today it’s his TV-watching chair. Randy studied industrial design at Auburn University, where he was exposed to the minimalist and Bauhaus design theories reflected in his rocker’s understated lines. “I wanted it to be reduced to its simplest essential form and do what it’s supposed to do,” Randy says. Consider the low arms, which he configured to make holding a toddler easier.

See a video of the Cochran boys at work here.

h/t @thejuiceisgood.

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