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Samford, Cater Halls going pink as part of Auburn University Mammogram Day promotion

Here’s what a pink Cater Hall looked like two years ago. Plaismamn Photo by Rod Guajardo.

Cater Hall and the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Arts will once again go pink tonight.

From an AU press release:

Guest speakers for the event will include cancer survivors Pat Abrams and Assistant Professor Karla Simmons of the College of Human Sciences. American Cancer Society representatives also will be on hand to provide informational pamphlets. The event is open to the public.

The Cater Hall Illumination will kick off a month-long awareness campaign and lead up to Auburn University Mammogram Day to be scheduled for university employees, a joint effort between the university and the Cancer Center of East Alabama Medical Center.

The Cater Hall Illumination began in 2007 as a result of the Auburn University Staff Council encouraging female employees to take advantage of insurance-covered mammograms to test for breast cancer. One of the leading medical costs for the Auburn insurance plan was for the treatment of breast cancer, and very few employees were participating in the mammogram testing.

The displays are part of Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Rho Chapter’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness initiative, now in its 6th year. For the fourth year in a row, Samford Hall’s clock tower will also bathe in pink throughout October thanks to a pink light emitting from the adjacent bell tower. Here’s what it looked like last year.

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