Fictional former Bama player turned mayor accused of losing business like he lost Iron Bowls on the CW’s “Hart of Dixie”

Maybe we were too harsh on the CW’s Hart of Dixie. Because for a “basic cable caricature of the Heart of Dixie,” it’s pretty darn realistic, at least as far the preoccupation Bama fans have with Auburn is concerned.

A January episode of the show featured a resident of fictional Bluebell, Ala., home of the Rammer Jammer bar and restaurant, discussing her Bama fan husband’s sexual fetish: “My husband Jake likes to talk about the defensive line for Auburn while we’re doing it.”

Last night they blamed potential major blow to Bluebell’s tourism industry—Southern Living apparently dropped them from the Top 100 Southern Towns list—on their having elected as mayor a former Bama linebacker (and a Carolina Panthers fan) who let Auburn score the winning touchdown (even more realism!) in some fictional Iron Bowl: “More business slipping through your fingers like an Auburn running back!”

To Mayor Hayes’ credit, he was clipped on the play. “The replay was very clear.”

h/t Michelle Coan.

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