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Gene Chizik answers questions on why Jonathan Wallace hasn’t played more this season—and whether he’ll start next week

Oh, and he didn’t get sacked.

On Twitter at least, when Jonathan Wallace went behind center and finally stayed behind center Saturday night against Texas A&M, there was a lot of cussing—but the positive, why-the-****-hasn’tt-Wallace-played-sooner kind. The freshman quarterback finished the nightmare with 71 yards on the ground and went 6-9 for 122 yards through the air.

So here are some Gene Chizik quotes from his post-game press conference on why the **** Wallace hasn’t played sooner, and on whether he’ll start next week.

On why Wallace didn’t play earlier in the season:

“I have said it pretty much weekly that Jonathan has been taking bits and pieces of the offense, and I think he has been digesting them for a young guy pretty well. He got in at a point in the game tonight where it was really, really good to see him do some things that really show flashes and signs of him maturing some. But again, you can’t throw everything at a young guy and expect him to be able to execute at all. That’s number one. Number two, at that point and time in the game, it had calmed down a little bit with a lot of the blitzing and pressures and things of that nature. Not to take anything away from what Jonathan did because I am very proud of him, but when you are asking a guy to take on the whole game plan and all of the things that come with it, it is just not that simple. But I think as everybody saw tonight, you saw flashes of a guy that again, has an opportunity to keep getting weaned on to the different parts of the offense that he can succeed at. I think he showed that tonight.”

On whether Wallace will start against New Mexico State:

“Well, we are certainly going to look. I think the film tells a lot, obviously, but there is nobody that could argue he was very productive tonight. It was really good to see that, and I think the players caught a little spark. He is a very confident young man. We will evaluate this upcoming week, and we will see where we are at. Again, the packages that he has had from week to week have been smaller. Even tonight as much as he played, we didn’t really vary off of all of the things that we have slowly been feeding him. But for the most part, he executed the things that we asked him to do and in a lot of ways, very well, it appears until we watch the film.”

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