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Barfield’s Bar Tab

More like Bar Filled.

If you read today’s Plainsman, you’ll learn that I’ve never been drunk, which would seem to suggest that I’m ignorant when it comes to the culture of alcohol. Which I am. So maybe I just don’t know what passes for libationary propriety amongst professionals, and I definitely don’t know what drinks cost then or what they cost now.

But it just seems hard to believe that Auburn footing a $2,000 bill (calculating for inflation—actual 1977 cost: $499.15 including bartender and hospitality room, and you gotta have napkins) for beer and whiskey at an AU hosted high school coaching clinic would, like football players posing with coeds in Playboy, go over well in the age of the Auburn Family, etc.

But if I’m wrong (and who cares even if I’m right… man, I only type stuff half the time just because I guess it’d be weird if I didn’t at least caption this bizarre obsession, but half the time I almost wish TWER could just Tumblr through it all… speaking of, I’m including a random shot of Stokers back in the day. It was across-ish from Niffers, I think.) —it wouldn’t be a big deal now like it apparently wasn’t then (I mean, there’s Philpott), well, just look at the time you spent here as a shot glass half full: Now you know how much Barfield (more like Bar-Filled… more like Beer-Full) and the boys (and let’s be honest, we know who soaked up the most) put down out at Stokers on April 30, 1977, and that stuff is important for a healthy Auburn imagination, Reddit-worthiness notwithstanding… TWER at its TWERiest as someone recently put it. Yes, TWER at its TWERiest. You know you love it. And I know you love it. Or I really hope you love it. (Do you love it?)

I’ve got the brochure and the schedule—they were back at Stokers for cocktails again—for the 1979 clinic, too, just not the receipt. Something tells me it was more. Guest speaker? Woody Hayes, his knuckles still bruised purple.

In the words of Ron Anders, Doug Barfield was a good man.

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