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Auburn student political opinion poll from 1972

Continuing in our fun-time, bipartisan look at the politics of Plainsmen past (see Ted Kennedy and a stuffed Auburn Tiger here, the colorful Auburn student reaction to the Iran hostage crisis here)…

In the summer of 1972, the Plainsman asked Auburn students about their sex lives (nine percent didn’t know whether they were virgins or not, or at least I suppose that’s how “no opinion” could be read), their drug habits (two percent may not have inhaled, or were either so stoned they didn’t know they were smoking pot, or at least I suppose that’s how “no opinion” could be read), their church attendance, their thoughts on abortion, and who they wanted to see on the presidential ballot and a bunch of other stuff. “Approximately 422” responded—roughly three percent of Auburn’s enrollment. So, you know…

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